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Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation can take many different forms, including Sexual, Slavery, Gangs and County Lines. Many of the fundamental principles of Relationship Education and Relationship and Sex Education can educate young people to help with the prevention of Child Exploitation but the What's The Debate? Topics tackle the subject directly helping young people gain an understanding of each form, the keywords such as Grooming and learn the Legal Offences and Consequences linked to each form.

Each set comprises of

  • 25 PVC Statement Cards with the subject and on the reverse of each card is a statement, which allows open and healthy debates on its meanings and understandings through Peer Education 

  • Lesson Plans

  • Worksheets

  • Facilitators Guide.

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Child Sexual Exploitation

This topic set of Child Sexual Exploitation enables young people to engage in open, honest and challenging debates by using the statements to consider the issues and tackle the myths around Child Sexual Exploitation such as Gender and Peer Exploitation as well as identifying Risky Situations including Online and learning to build appropriate strategies to increase their Safety.


The 4 lesson plans take young people through a process of Understanding and Defining CSE, The Grooming Process and using Case Studies to Spot the Signs and the Legal Offences linked to CSE. The lessons challenge knowledge and enhance understanding in this area.


More Resources Tackling Exploitation Coming Soon