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Domestic Abuse

It is estimated that at least 750,000 children and young people witness Domestic Abuse each year and young people experience the highest rates of Domestic Abuse than any other age group. Although the legal definition of Domestic Abuse is from the age 16 and up, it is evident that violence and abuse happen in younger adolescent relationships as well as the NSPCC reports;

  • 33% of girls and 16% of boys reported some form of Sexual Abuse within their Relationships

  • 25% of girls (the same proportion as adult women) and 18% of boys reported some form of Physical Relationship Abuse

  • 75% of girls and 50% of boys reported some form of Emotional Relationship Abuse


Research has also identified that Teenage Relationship Abuse is associated with a range of adverse outcomes for young people, including Mental Health, Depression and Suicide


The What's The Debate? Domestic Abuse Resources aim to educate young people on the Different Forms of Abuse, Signs of Controlling Behaviour and gain an understanding of Risk

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Domestic Abuse

This Domestic Abuse set of 'What's The Debate Cards' allows young people to explore this sensitive subject in a safe and engaging way while promoting open and honest discussions.

The Statement Cards help tackle many of the Myths and Misconceptions around Domestic Abuse as well as helping young people gain knowledge and an understanding of the subject, including the Definition and Signs to look out for in their own relationships.

  • 25 statement cards

  • 4 Lesson Plans take young people through a process of understanding Domestic Abuse, starting at how it is defined, The meaning of Power and Control and how to spot warning signs in their relationships. The lessons challenge knowledge and understanding in this area.

  • Worksheets

  • Facilitators Guide

More Topics Tackling Domestic Abuse Coming Soon.