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Tackling Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Abuse Through
Relationship and Sex Education!

Raising Awareness, Educating and Preventing, to Create a Safer Culture for All Young People

A group of young people, sat around together in a classroom, engaging and discussing together

Workshops for Young People and Parents and Carers.
Training, Resources and Consultancy for Professionals.

Our Vision

We want all children and young people to feel safe in their relationships. To be free from harm, abuse and exploitation and to have healthy, open and honest relationships with their family, peers and partners.

We value the voice of young people and encourage discussion and critical thinking within our sessions and with our resources to tackle difficult subjects with them, allowing them to challenge their worlds and influences. By creating a safe, open and honest environment, we can we can look at the many influences that can shape a young person's relationship and encourage social change for everyone to see the realities of a young person's world.


Our work connects physical, emotional, sexual and relational learning to empathy, communication skills and critical thinking skills, helping young people move respectfully through personal, cultural and social differences, valuing others, and helping them to avoid harms.

We are passionate about safeguarding children and young people and believe Relationship and Sex Education can be a brilliant safeguarding tool to raise awareness and prevent harm and exploitation.

Tailored Training

Bespoke training developed to truly meet the needs of your organisation, staff and young people.

All of our training sessions, workshops and content can be tailored for different group sizes, outcomes, aims. We ensure our training reflects the needs of your organisation, staff roles and also the needs of your young people. We can facilitate live online and face-to-face, offering full day, half day and twilight sessions. 


We can deliver workshops in classrooms, assemblies, whole school enrichment days, small groups of young people for direct commissioned work. We also facilitate specialist group work programmes. 

Live Online Training

Interactive and Engaging


Facilitated by an Expert

Tailored Training

Affordable  Training

Engaging Resources

Resources created to allow people to critically think and challenge societal influences.

Our educational resources have been produced in line with the new RSHE Guidance and are linked to the PSHE Association Curriculum, however, they can be used in a number of different settings such as Youth Clubs or Residential Care Homes. They have been designed to tackle the common influences, misconceptions and stereotypes around each topic in a safe and engaging way, promoting Peer Education, critical thinking, empathy and valuing differences.

Each topic has ​

  • 25 PVC Statement Debate Cards 

  • A PowerPoint

  • 4 Lesson Plans

  • Worksheets 

  • Facilitators Guides. 


Each lesson is designed to be active, fun and engaging, but also challenging, encouraging questions and healthy open debate. These would be an invaluable PSHE and RSHE resource for Teachers, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Foster Carers, Advocates and Counsellors.

Our Topics


Mental Health

Gender Based Violence


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