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 Statement Topics

Each 'What's The Debate' Statement Topic sets comprise of  


  • 25* PVC Statement Debate Cards -on the reverse of each card is a statement, the statement is designed to open up a healthy debate, requiring students to discuss and explore, invoking questions and expanding the students understanding on each subject.


  • 4 Lesson Plans -One of the lesson plans include the use of the cards. The lessons challenge knowledge and understanding of each topic.


  • Worksheets 


  • Facilitators Guides.


Discounts are available on multiple set purchases more info here  


P&P is free within the UK and lessons plans sent to the email address given when ordering, if more than 4 Topics are purchased then all the lesson plans are provided on a USB Memory Stick. Cards are printed to order and take 7 to 10 Working Days to dispatch.


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Please note orders only accepted with use of an official email address, order dispatched after funds received. Orders will be delivered to invoice address only. 

If you cannot open the file or have any issues completing the order form please email your order directly to Beckie@whatsthedebate.co.uk