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Mental Health

Healthy Mental Health is essential to a Child and Young Person's Resilience and a Protective Factor from Risk, Unhealthy Relationships and Abuse, yet there is a lot of Stigma and Misconceptions around Mental Health which Impact how a young person identifies and processes their own mental health. Young people face a lot of challenges throughout adolescence and many of these impact their Self-Esteem, Body Image, Anger and can result in Harmful or Risky Behaviours.


What's The Debate? has designed resources for Primary and Secondary Education to help create Positive Language around Mental Health while tackling the Stigma associated and how young people can identify when and how to Access Support and Support Each Other.


Each set comprises of

  • 25 PVC Statement Cards with a subject and on the reverse of each card is a statement, allowing for an open, healthy debate on the statement, it's meaning and the young peoples understanding while promoting Peer Education

  • 4 Lesson Plans

  • PowerPoint

  • Worksheets

  • Facilitators Guide.



Primary Resources

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Emotional Wellbeing

The Emotional Wellbeing Pack help introduce the topic of Mental Health to children in an engaging and appropriate way, allowing for an increased sense of Emotional Literacy. The Statement Cards allows for discussions to be created around Feelings and Emotions, Bullying, The Impact of Social Media, Behaviours and the Importance of Seeking Support.


The 4 Lesson Plans, linked to PSHE Curriculum, that focuses on Recognising and Managing Emotions, Our Warning Signs and Our Supporting Hands.

Secondary Resources

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Mental Health

This set of 'What's The Debate Statement Cards' allow young people to explore the subject of Mental Health. Tackling Myths, Misconceptions and Stereotypes around Mental Health and how Mental Health is portrayed within Society, Films and on Social Media. The Statement Cards also allow young people to understand Mental Health as a whole, recognising the difference between Healthy and Unhealthy mental health and when these can become a problem.


The 4 Lesson Plans take students through a process of self-evaluation, looking at the Definition of Mental Health, the Challenges that Stigma brings to the topic and those with mental health issues, to help Understand mental health problems and disorders for what they really are and how to look after themselves in a Stressful Situation

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The Stress resource pack looks at the misconceptions around the topic and allows young people to have discussions around how they feel about stress, its representation within media, its impact and how stress can be minimised within young people.


The Lesson Plans help young people identify what stress is, explore the life events and personal triggers that may affect their stress levels and processes to help with stress management.

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The 25 PVC Statement Cards provide the opportunity to tackle the myths and misconceptions around self-harm looking at gender, behaviours and impact/representation within popular media.


The Lesson Plans will help young people understand what is self-harming behaviour while tackling attitudes to help promote empathy around life events and situations that could lead to self-harming behaviours while addressing how to be a supportive friend while ensuring that young people also look after themselves. 

More Resources Coming Soon!

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