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Peer Mentoring

At What's The Debate, we are extremely passionate about Peer Mentoring. Children and young people can be faced with so many uncertainties, they can struggle with anxiety, their sense of belonging, their identity and find it difficult where to get support from. Peer Mentoring provides an opportunity for mentees to feel supported and listened too while the mentors can enhance their skills and use their experiences to build positive relationships and experiences.

The Mentoring Programme

We believe Peer Mentoring can really make a change to children and young people's lives, for both the mentee and the mentor, however we feel the best mentoring programmes work when there has been effective and appropriate training and guidance.


This is why we have created a 6 module programme to help young people understand what it means to be a mentor, their roles and responsibilities, keeping safe and gain skills in evaluation and self reflection.


The programme consists of the following modules ;

  1. Defining Mentoring and Befriending

  2. Starting Relationships

  3. Communication Skills

  4. Differences and Values

  5. Keeping Safe

  6. Raising Aspirations and Action Planning

After completion of the above modules, further specialised workshops can then be delivered in order to help Peer Mentors progress in specific roles such as Domestic Abuse Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Train The Trainer courses on workshops facilitation.


What's The Debate also provides other services to ensure you have an effective, engaging and successful mentoring service such as consultancy, supervision and evaluation.

What's The Debate have been involved in many exciting mentoring programmes such as:

Playground Buddies            Healthy Relationship Champions            Peer Facilitators            Sexual Harassment Champions 

                                                                                                  Well-Being Buddies

To find out more, contact us at

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