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Parents and carers play a key role in helping children and young people to stay safe and equip them with the skills to do so, however a lot of pressure can be put on parents to hold difficult conversations or support young people around sensitive topics such as unhealthy relationships, sexting or self-harm, that they may not full understand or receive support around.  Our workshops have been designed to empower parents and carers develop the confidence and skills to have these conversations and equips them with practical strategies and resources to help support.

Our Workshops


Internet Safety

Apps! Gaming! Smart Phones! Online safety is now no longer just within the family home, children and young people can easily access the internet 24/7. This workshop helps parents and carers gain an understanding of this ever-changing world, learn about digital footprints and what to do to keep their young people safe in their own digital worlds.


Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying can impact young people in a number of ways with many cases impacting their emotional well-being, in some cases, it can have some devastating effects. This workshop helps parents and carers gain an understanding around cyberbullying, the extent of it, how it happens and why. Parents and carers will also be equipped with how to keep their young people safe and what to do if they feel their child is subjected to cyberbullying.



Bullying comes in many forms and this workshop will cover emotional, physical and sexual bullying. Parents and carers will gain the knowledge and skills to recognise the different forms of bullying, the signs to look out for, the impact these can have on children and practical skills and support services to tackle it effectively.


Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships can come in many different forms for young people; Peer Relationships, Friendships, Loving and Online Relationships. As young people develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by experiences in their relationships. Healthy relationships can have a positive impact on teenagers’ emotional development while unhealthy relationships can have severe consequences, short and long-term. Relationships that are concerning can be seen as unhealthy, exploitative and/or abusive. This workshop aims to help parents and carers understand the different forms of unhealthy relationships that can affect a young person, what signs to look out for and to equip parents and carers with strategies to help prevent and support their children.



It has been reported that 1 in 30 young people have resorted to taking naked images of themselves. This workshop is aimed at any parent or carer who wants support around the issues of sexting, it will equip participants with the latest research around sexting, gain an understanding as to why young people engage in sexting and guidance on how to support and respond.



Parents and carers will understand the impact the pornography can have on a young person’s life, their relationships and their sexual health. They will gain an understanding of the legal guidance around porn and what constitutes normal sexual behaviour for the developmental age.


Emotional Well-Being

This workshop for parents/carers provides proactive early support that encourages the development of wellbeing in children and young people through the provision of ideas, tips and self-help strategies that parents can use in the home and as a family.



Self-harm can take lots of different forms and there are many reasons why children and young people try to hurt themselves. Finding out that your child is self-harming can be very worrying, confusing and you may feel hopeless. This workshop aims to help parents and carers understand self-harming behaviours in young people, how self-harm is a coping strategy but how it can also turn into a compulsion, give parents/carers the confidence and skills to talk to their children about self-harm and strategies to help support a young person who is self-harming.


Our in-house workshops are delivered at your organisation and we pride ourselves in ensuring that our courses can be adapted to suit your needs as well as tailoring them to local trends.


We also deliver open access training throughout the year, our calendar has an up to date schedule of where these will be and they can also be found on our Eventbrite Page


The prices for our workshop packages include one qualified trainer, all course preparation, training packs/workbooks for delegates, evaluation and certificate of attendance.


Each course is for a maximum of 25 participants.



Are parent workshops are facilitated for a minimum of 1 hour and price includes set up and facilitation.

Workshops start from £150 and additional travel expenses may be required 

To book or for further information then please contact us.

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