What’s The Debate? is passionate about ensuring that all children and young people thrive and get to enjoy being children. Growing up can be a difficult and challenging time for any young person and in the 21st Century of digital worlds, sexting, cyber-bullying, street crime and pressures around drugs, relationships and sex, children and young people are more vulnerable than before.



In order to help this, What’s The Debate? takes a three-pronged approach of education to ensure full awareness of our worlds risks and their consequences;


1.         Training for Professionals

2.         Workshops for Parents and Carers

3.         Workshops for Children and Young People


This ensures that not only are the young people themselves are aware of the issues that could cause them harm but also are they key adults in their support network, whether this is teachers, parents, social workers, key workers or youth advocates. If everyone within a child’s support system has a full understanding and is equipped to be able to educate and support, then young people have a greater chance to make informed choices leading to their own happy and healthy path to adulthood.


Our training packages and workshops can be altered to suit your organisation or environment, for example, we have previously tailored our CSE Training Day for Residential Care Workers and also for Foster Carers. We are also available to facilitate Guest Lectures at Colleges and Universities as well as talks or workshops at conferences.


We also have a number of Train The Trainer Packages to help embed educational and therapeutic programmes around Witnessing Domestic Abuse, Healthy Relationship Scheme of Work and a Girls Self-Esteem Programme. For more information, please contact us.


For training and workshops outside of Worcestershire, there may be additional costs of travel and possible accommodation expenses however these are always discussed and agreed on prior to bookings and are always kept at a minimum cost.



For organisations further afield, to help keep costs down, we have delivered a combination of training and workshops on the same day, for example, we have delivered a half-day training to professionals followed by two workshops to young people afterwards. Also if multiple workshops and training packages are required throughout the year then discounts can be applied.

To book or to discuss training needs further then please email us.