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At What’s The Debate? we are passionate about tackling sexual violence, sexual harassment and domestic abuse to ensuring that all children and young people are protected from harm and exploitation. We aim to build capability and confidence amongst professionals that support children and young people and understand that organisations are under huge pressure to ensure their staff receive high quality training.

That's why our training is interactive, engaging, motivational and affordable!

Part of our Mission is to give professionals the confidence to make a difference to young people’s lives. We equip and empower you with critical skills to be able to have open and honest conversations with young people while protecting and informing them to make their own healthy choices.


We take you through interactive, engaging and up-to-date content and show you how to connect it with other skills training like empathy, resilience and being trauma-informed. We also pride ourselves on creating a safe space during our training sessions so that we can tackle sensitive subjects and focus on your emotional wellbeing.

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We are pleased to say that we are a Training 4 Influence accredited facilitator meaning that all training provided by What's The Debate is developed and facilitated using the Training 4 Influence methodology. 

Training 4 Influence is a creative solution, a methodology that can transform any training session, weaving ‘golden threads’ that influence organisational outcomes.

The method ensures training is delivered in a way that inspires, is relevant, enables learning and exceeds training objectives.


There are four core standards of the methodology and we have demonstrated how What's The Debate meets these below;

  • Expert - All of What's The Debate training is developed and facilitated by our Managing Director, Beckie Breakwell, who has lived experience within sexual violence and domestic abuse as well as over 16 years professional experience supporting children and young people around sexual violence, exploitation and domestic abuse.

  • Tailored - We ensure that all training booked is bespoke to the needs of your organisation and young people, so you truly receive a training course that is tailored for you.

  • Engaging - Our sessions are interactive and we use a range of engaging elements to enhance learning and covering training objectives.

  • Values-led - Our training sessions are created to truly value our young people, their experiences and keeping them safe. We use young people's stories and their voice to enhance our training. We also ensure we facilitate from a trauma-informed perspective and focus on your emotional wellbeing as well!

You can find out more about Training 4 Influence and its methodology here​

We deliver our training 
live online


Pricing and Details

Our training prices and timings are as follows;

Half Day Training Session: From 2.5 hours to 4 hours (including breaks) - Starting from £350 per session

Full Day Training Session: From 4.5 hours to 7 hours (including breaks) - Starting from £600 per session

All cost include one facilitator, all handouts/worksheets and certificates. Additional expenses may be required. Discounts are applied if three or more training sessions are booked together. 

Course Enquiry 

Thanks for submitting an enquiry, we will get back to within 48 hours.

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