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Relationships and Sex Education Training

At What's The Debate?© we offer a range of Training Days and Workshops to help you facilitate effective, engaging and informative Relationship And Sex Education Sessions, whether you are new to the role, want to improve your skills and confidence or need a refresher and want to understand new trends.


All of our Relationships and Sex Education training and workshops have been developed and are facilitated by our Managing Director Beckie, who has over 15 years experience of working directly with children and young people, delivering healthy relationship workshops in schools and delivering training to professionals. 

Two Day Training Courses

In line with the New 2019 Guidance on Relationships, Sex and Health Education, these courses will allow participants to gain an understanding of the Importance of RSE, Develop or Enhance existing programmes and Discover Resources and tools for educating around important issues such as Sexual Health, Healthy Relationships and Respect.


Aimed at Teaching Staff, PSHE and RSE Leads, members of Senior Leadership Teams and anyone else who works with Young People in an Educational Setting. This course is available as;

Teaching Relationship Education in Primary Schools

Teaching Relationship Education in Primary Schools with Sex Education Included.

Teaching Relationship and Sex Education in Secondary Schools.


Day One will cover; 

  • Applying the new guidance on statutory RSE in your organisation/setting and understanding the importance of RSE.

  • Planning, deliver and evaluate RSE Programmes

  • Developing policies and linking to Safeguarding

  • Working in collaboration with Parents and External Agencies. 


Day Two will cover;

  • Enhancing and developing skills, confidence and knowledge to deliver effective RSE.

  • A range of facilitating strategies to create safe, engaging and interactive lessons.

  • Involving young people in the development of RSE.

  • Applying a Whole School Approach to RSE. 


A toolkit with practical advice and Lesson Plans covering 4 main themes of Relationships, Sex Education/Growing up, Emotional Wellbeing and Risk will be provided, which will be used during Day Two.

We also deliver
a wide range of safeguarding, domestic abuse and sexual violence training

One Day Training Courses

Porn, Exploitation and Sex

This course will look at the links between Pornographic Materials, Sexual Education and Child Sexual Exploitation. By exploring the impact and influences pornography can have on young people’s attitudes towards sex, gender and relationships, this course will examine the different grooming methods and range of social media that can make young people vulnerable to exploitation, in particular, peer exploitation. 


Consent, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

This course looks at working with young people around consent and healthy relationships as well as sex, pleasure and sexual abuse. Focusing on sexual harassment within education, this course will help with educating young people around what not only is healthy within relationships but also acceptable within social settings, the differences between sexual harassment and sexual violence and the importance of consent. 


Self-Esteem, Body Image and Emotional Wellbeing

This course will examine the reasons as to why numbers in self-harm and suicide are increasing in young people and the importance of educating around emotional wellbeing and positive mental health. Focusing on self-esteem and body image, practical strategies will be explored to raise aspirations and prevent possible unhealthy relationships with harmful behaviours.  


Our One Day Courses are delivered over 6 hours and practical resources are provided.

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Let’s Talk About Sex

This workshop will look at communicating with young people about sex and relationships in an open, engaging and honest way as well as tackling and feeling comfortable with difficult questions and being aware of resources and support.


Confidentiality, Consent and Sex

This workshop looks into the law around sex and relationships for young people, their rights to confidentiality and explores the Fraser Guidelines. 


Sex and Social Media

Looking at the links between social media, sexualised images and internet use of young people, this workshop will explore the different types of social media that young people use, how they can become exposed unwillingly to sexualised images and how to support young people in reporting. 


Dealing with Disclosures

This workshop will look at dealing with disclosures from children and young people, particularly in relation to domestic and sexual abuse. Exploring the skills to be able to engage with a child making a disclosure, how to record and the language used in disclosures, how disclosures can be used within investigations as well as the emotional impact disclosures can have on professionals and the importance of supervision.


Engaging Parents Around Sensitive Subjects

This workshop helps professionals form partnerships with parents and carers when working together to support around sensitive subjects, whether this is around explaining the importance of Sex and Relationship Education or learning the skills to engage and work with parents in helping them understand safeguarding issues.



This workshop will equip participants with the latest research around sexting, gain an understanding as to why young people engage in sexting and guidance on how to support and respond


Healthy Relationships

This workshop will explore the skills and knowledge to have open conversations and educate young people around all forms of relationships including friendships as well as dealing with peer pressure and delaying sexual activity.



This workshops will explore the laws around consent, personal boundaries and pressures to be able to facilitate discussions with young people.


The Digital World

Apps! Gaming! Smart Phones! Online safety is now no longer just within the family home, children and young people can easily access the internet 24/7. This workshop helps gain an understanding of this ever-changing world, learn about digital footprints and what to do to keep their young people safe in their own digital worlds.


Workshops are delivered between 2 to 4 hours and practical resources are provided.

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