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About Me

Hi, I am Beckie!


Managing Director and creator, of 'What's The Debate?' Resources, Lesson Plans and Training Packages. 

I created What's The Debate? because I am passionate about safeguarding children and young people against domestic abuse and sexual violence and I believe Relationship and Sex Education can be a brilliant safeguarding tool to raise awareness on these subjects with children and young people and prevent them from entering abusive and exploitative relationships. 


I have worked with Children and Young People around the issues of Sexual Violence, Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health for over 16 years now with roles including; residential care worker in a therapeutic children's home for those that displayed sexual harmful behaviour, CSE Advocate and Coordinator with Barnardos for a Local Authority and Team Manager for a Domestic Abuse Charity for their Children's Services.  


During this time I have heard numerous opinions and views around sexual violence, exploitation and domestic abuse both from young people and professionals. These attitudes and opinions have rarely changed over the 16 years but was has changed is the information in which young people receive their information and the influences that form their frame of reference, we didn't have the internet as widely as it is now 16 years ago and we definitely didn't have access to social media and mobile apps pretty much 24/7.


Some of my favourite pieces of work that I have completed with young people have been around facilitating constructive debates around these views to help educate, raise awareness and minimise risk! Young people can critically think about their own influences and challenges these, they can learn from others and value respect and differences. You can read more about how "What's The Debate?" was created here.


So because of this I designed the original 6 sets of Statement Cards with Lesson Plans, set called 'What's The Debate' which covers; 

*Domestic Abuse
*Mental Health

These have now expanded to over 40 different products and I now facilitate a wide range of training to professionals and educational workshops to children, young people and parents.


I love facilitating training, I see training as a way to empower professions to support and safeguarding children and young people. The topics I facilitate training on can be difficult and heavy subjects to discuss but it is so important that we do but I ensure that we do so in a safe environment so that delegates can truly explore, reflect and learn. I bring my professional experience and lived experience into my training and my experience's have allowed me to develop and facilitate training packages on;

  • Domestic Abuse

  • The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People

  • Adolescent Relationship Abuse

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Working with Self-Harm.

  • Plus many more!


I have also designed several educational toolkits that can be used for children and young people from the aged of 10 years up focusing on healthy friendships and relationships, consent, cyber safety, gangs and street life and emotional well-being as well as a group work programmes for children aged 5 to 11 years who have witnessed and experienced domestic abuse within their family household, a girls self-esteem programme and a peer mentoring/champion programme. For more information about these, then please contact me. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or training needs at


Award Winning!

I am very proud to have won the following awards 


#SBS 24/12/2018 - An award for small businesses recognised by Theo Paphitis  ( Dragons Den ) as being worthy of recognition and support, as part of this award I was invited to attend an event hosted by Theo in February 2019.


#WOW - 24/10/18 - A competition run by Jaqueline Gold, CBE  Vice president of the Children's Trust, to recognise and reward female entrepreneur's.


#QueenOf - 25/10/18 - A competition run on Twitter to recognise and award female entrepreneurs, I was awarded the title Queenof Education through Debate. The Royal Connection


#Womaninbiz National Mentoring Day Award #NMD - 29/01/19

#ialso100- 2020- Inspiring female business leaders across the UK


Queen of Education through Debate_F.png

Coming Soon!!
I am thrilled to announce my book- Tackling Sexual Violence with Young People will be coming out soon with JKP Books!!

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