Hi, I am Beckie!


Creator, Designer and Owner of 'What's The Debate?' Statement Cards, Lesson Plans and Training Packages. 


I have worked with Children and Young People around the issues of Sexual Violence, Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health for 15 years now and during that time I have heard numerous opinions and views around those subjects from the young people and also from professionals. Some of my favourite pieces of work that I have completed with young people have been around facilitating constructive debates around these views to help educate, raise awareness and minimise risk! You can read more about how "What's The Debate?" was created here.


So because of this I designed the original 6 sets of Statement Cards with Lesson Plans, set called 'What's The Debate' which covers;

*Domestic Abuse
*Mental Health




Designed to encourage questions and healthy open debates, each subject has 25 PVC Cards with Statements one and 4 Lesson Plans to help introduce the subject, carry out the activity and further learning around the issue. These would be invaluable to any PSHE/SRE Resource for Teachers, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Foster Carers, Advocates and Counsellors.

They would also be great for colleges and universities as a training aid for health and social care and social care and also for any professionals delivering training on those subjects! The topics are regularly being added to with new resources and a range for Primary Education has recently been added with the topics of;

*Growing Up

*Emotional Wellbeing



My experience has also allowed me to develop and facilitate training packages on;

  • Domestic Abuse

  • The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People

  • Adolescent Relationship Abuse

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Working with Self-Harm.


I have also designed several educational toolkits that can be used for children and young people from the aged of 10 years up focusing on healthy friendships and relationships, consent, cyber safety, gangs and street life and emotional well-being as well as a group work programmes for children aged 5 to 11 years who have witnessed and experienced domestic abuse within their family household, a girls self-esteem programme and a peer mentoring/champion programme. For more information about these, then please contact me. 


Experience includes;


Senior Young Person's Advocate / Child Sexual Exploitation Advocate / Child & Young Persons Domestic Abuse Advocate, based in a domestic abuse organisation in the Midlands. Experienced in advising and supporting a diverse team of advocates and CHISVA's focusing on domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation, gang exploitation, sexual violence and healthy relationships. This included being the point of call for any safeguarding concerns, risking referrals and allocating them within the team, conducting case reviews and supervisions and attending strategic and operational meetings.


Guest Lecturer, Birmingham City University - I delivered lectures to students studying for their Social Work Degree, f to first-year students and third-year students. I co-designed a training package on Understanding Domestic Abuse and designed and facilitated a presentation on the Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People


Guest Lecturer, Feminist webs - I attended the conference "Challenging Ideas of Control and Consent" and delivered a lecture on the links between witnessing domestic abuse and future child sexual exploitation


CSE Practioner- Providing one-2-one emotional, practical and educational support to children and young people who were at risk or currently being sexually exploited and also conducting Return Interviews with young people who went missing within the Local Authority. I was also part of the Barnardo's FCASE Project which involved supporting children and their families around the risks of CSE and also delivering training and a support package for Foster Carers and Social Workers around safe accommodation.


Providing training and consultation to professionals within the Local Authority around CSE and helped devise a screening tool and risk assessment for the LA. Attending strategy and operational meetings as well as multi-agency meetings


Hillcrest Care, Residential Worker - Residential care homes for boys.


Experienced Child and Young Person Advocate based in the Midlands, specialising in Domestic Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation industry. Skilled in Vulnerable Young People and Youth At Risk, Child Development, Prevention and Education, Peer Mentoring, and Young People's Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being. Strong skills in networking within the community and social services professionals with a Bachelor's Degree focused in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Portsmouth.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or training needs.


Award Winning!

I am very proud to have won the following awards 


#SBS 24/12/2018 - An award for small businesses recognised by Theo Paphitis  ( Dragons Den ) as being worthy of recognition and support, as part of this award I was invited to attend an event hosted by Theo in February 2019.


#WOW - 24/10/18 - A competition run by Jaqueline Gold, CBE  Vice president of the Children's Trust, to recognise and reward female entrepreneur's.


#QueenOf - 25/10/18 - A competition run on Twitter to recognise and award female entrepreneurs, I was awarded the title Queenof Education through Debate. The Royal Connection


#Womaninbiz National Mentoring Day Award #NMD - 29/01/19


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