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Training For Professionals

Our training is designed for all professionals supporting with children and young people such as Teachers, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Foster Carers and many more. We ensure that our courses are interactive and engaging to ensure participants can fully take on the learning and develop the knowledge and skills they already pose and all of our sessions are bespoke to the needs of your organisation and your young people.

About Our Training

Our courses are developed to draw on the insights of young people, families and professionals that we support. We keep things engaging by sharing experiences, giving practical tips, advice and resources, sharing good practice, and exploring ideas through discussion and group work.


We value discussion and run courses in a relaxed, safe and supportive way so you can build confidence in your new skills, discuss difficult subjects and reflect on your practice. We believe training can empower professionals to take on sessions, interventions and subjects that they may have previously found awkward, difficult or out of their skill’s zone. Each course provides not only up-to-date information, legislation and guidance but they also encourage professionals to take on these challenges and create effective and interactive interventions, lessons, sessions and workshops that staff and young people will enjoy.

The prices for our training packages include one qualified trainer, all course preparation, training packs/workbooks for delegates, evaluation and certificate of attendance. Each course is for a Maximum of 25 Participants.



Full Day Courses- From 4 hours to 7 hours (including lunch/coffee breaks) £600

Half Day Courses- 3 hours £350

Twilight Session- 1 to 2 hours £190


What's The Debate? also offers their knowledge and skills as Consultancy to develop Training Programmes and Packages for Local Authorities and Organisations. 

To book or for further information then please contact us.

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