Peer on Peer Abuse Training

It is important to recognise that not all forms of abuse are perpetrated by adults and that some children and young people may also abuse other children and young people and this can happen in schools, outside of school and online. 

Peer on peer abuse, or child on child abuse, can encompass a wide range of behaviours such as bullying, exploitation, harassment, violence and sexual abuse. The abuse can happen within intimate relationships, between friendship groups and from peers unknown as well, especially online. 

This course will look at the range of different behaviours that can be included within peer on peer abuse and we shall focus on not only the harm and impact that this can cause onto the victims but we will also explore the rationale behind this behaviour, exploring a young persons frame of reference and taking on a trauma informed approach for both the victim and the perpetrator. 

We shall also explore cultures of unacceptable behaviours, what constitutes an unsafe environment for children and in worst case scenarios, a culture that normalises abuse leading to children accepting it as normal and not coming forward to report it.

We also facilitate educational workshops for Young People

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