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Sex Education encompasses many different topics that children and young people should be educated on to ensure that not only do they have a full understanding of what happens to their bodies during Puberty and the process of Reproduction but also around Sexual Health, Consent, Respect and their Choices around Pregnancy and Contraception to ensure that they can make Safe, Informed Decisions that affect their Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.


What's The Debate? Topics are aimed at Primary and Secondary Education in an age-appropriate manner while ensuring that the Myths and Misconceptions around Sex Education Issues are tackled with factual information to ensure children and young people are able to make safe and healthy choices. and free from abuse.

Each set comprises of


  • 25 PVC Statement Cards with a subject and on the reverse of each card is a statement, opening up a healthy debate on the statement, its meaning and the students understanding, each set also comes with

  • 4 Lesson Plans The 4 Lesson Plans take students through a process of self-evaluation while challenging knowledge and understanding in these areas.

  • Worksheets

  • Facilitators Guides. 


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Growing Up

The Growing Up Statement Cards not only allows the topic of Puberty to be discussed but also focuses on issues relating to a Child's World while going through Adolescence, such as Consent, Privacy, Body Image, Sexuality and Gender.


The Statement Cards allow children to discuss their Values and Beliefs in a safe and engaging way while allowing for Peer Education. The 4 Lesson Plans focusing on Values, Rights and Responsibilities and Making Decisions.


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This set of 'What's The Debate cards' allows young people to explore the subject of Sex with the aim to show young people that there is more to sex than intercourse. This topic allows there to be discussions around Gender, Sexuality, Peer Pressure and Consent while looking at Healthy Relationships

The 4 Lesson Plans that accompanies the Cards focuses on Gender, Sex and Sexuality, The Importance of Sex Education and Relationship Timeline.




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The Sexting Topic covers a range of issues relating to sexting such a Peer Pressure, Risk, Legal Consequences and Gender Stereotypes

The 4 Lesson Plan help educate around the Consequences, Being a Bystander and the different Pressures Young People face to Sext. 

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The Porn Topic covers a range of issues relating to Pornographic Materials such a  Gender Stereotypes, Impact on Relationships, Consent and Sexualised Images.


The 4 Lesson Plan help educate around how pornographic material can impact Self-Esteem and Relationships. How Mass Media uses Sexualised Images in Advertisements and how The Pornographic World can warp The Real World.

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Sexual Health