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  • Sexual Health Multipack Containing;


    Sexual Health Quiz: 20 PVC Cards each with a question to help education around sexual health and the answer on the reverse plus 3 Lesson Plans focusing on defining and understanding sexual terms and definitions, how to recognise how relationships progress in a healthy manner and understand the positive and negative reasons as to why people progress to sexual relationships. 


    STI Statement Cards: 25 PVC Statement Cards designed to tackle the myths and misconceptions around Sexually Transmitted Infections such as transmission, signs and symptoms and sexuality. 4 Lesson Plans focusing on how easily STIs can spread, awareness of HIV and how to develop strategies to recognise sexual pressures.


    Contraception Method Cards: 20 PVC Cards, 10 with common Contraception methods and 10 with information about each method and 2 Lesson Plans focusing on the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of contraception plus possible consequences of unplanned pregnancies. 


    Condom Sequence Cards: 14 PVC Cards each showing a stage of how to use a condom correctly plus 2 Lesson Plans exploring condom use and sexual decision making. 


    STI Info Cards: 16 PVC Cards, showing 8 of the main STIs and the information about each one. 2 Lesson Plans exploring STI transmission and assertive strategies to be able to say no. 


    All Lesson Plans will be provided on a USB Memory Drive with Worksheets and Facilitators Guide.



    Sexual Health Multipack

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