Impact of Pornography Training

There is a wide range of free, easy access porn sites out there and also a number of sites with highly sexualised messages, there are reports of a high number of young people becoming regular consumers of porn and an alarming amount of young children discovering and accessing it as well. This course aims to support teachers, youth workers and other professionals to understand the content of sexualised imagery online, including porn.

This includes the impact of viewing harmful content and how damaging it can be to children and young people including on themselves, their relationships, attitudes towards sex and their behaviours. The course will also look at self created images by young people and how to address these while also understanding the links to pressure, exploitation and emotional wellbeing.


Traditionally a difficult topic to talk about, this training offers practical tips, activities and information to enable young people to understand the difference between pornography and real-life relationships and develop the skills to make healthy choices.

Course Objectives

  • Explore ways in which young people are accessing, and in some cases creating, pornography and the different platforms.

  • Understand how pornography and sexualised images can have a negative impact on young peoples’ understanding and expectations of sex and relationships, body image and self-esteem.

  • Gain knowledge on the age restrictions and laws regarding the making, sending and receiving of indecent and pornographic images and films.

  • Understand what to do if you are concerned about a young person.

  • Explore practical ways to approach this emotive topic and encourage young people to make happy, healthy choices.

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