Child Exploitation and Boys Training

Boys and young man are highly unlikely to disclose to a that they are at risk of or experiencing Child Exploitation, whether sexual, criminal or both. There is still lot of stigma around male victims of violence and sexual abuse and we know that many young men do not see exploitation as abuse, especially when it comes or includes their peers.


It is important to tackle these societal stigmas, exercise professional curiosity and adopt a trauma-informed approach to be able to recognise boys and young men that are at risk or being exploited. 

We also facilitate educational workshops for Young People

Sexual Exploitation and Boys

This training session will explore signs and indicators of harmful sexual behaviour within exploitation and the indicators we may see when supporting boys and young men. It will explore online risks, peer exploitation and criminal exploitation, among others. Delegates will also explore the different influences that aid as a barrier for boys and young men to disclose their abuse and reflect on these to adopt a person-centred approach to support.

Course Objectives

  • To identify the different forms of exploitation and how these apply to boys and young men

  • To explore and recognise professional responses of exploitation to boys and young me compared to girls

  • To recognise the risk indicators in boys and young men

  • Reflect on the societal conditioning of boys and young men

  • Identify the barriers for boys and young men to disclose or engage in services

  • Understand the impact of gender and sexual orientation in the grooming process

  • Explore online grooming and the use of technology

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