Self-harming behaviour is a way for some young people to cope with difficult situations or communicate that something is happening.


Children and young people can exhibit self-harming behaviour for a number of reasons, including traumatic experiences in their past, a way of coping with abuse, a way to bring in control in their lives when they have none or to help them deal with current pressures in their life.


Self-harming behaviour can take a variety of forms, encompassing eating disorders, cutting, substance misuses and overdoses, and engaging in extreme behaviour such as excessive exercise.

This training course will explore self-harm as a coping mechanism for children and young people and how professionals need to take a person-centred, sensitive approaching to understanding and supporting self-harm. 

Course Objectives 

  • Understand adaptive and maladaptive behaviours​

  • Know how to work effectively and safely with children and young people who self-harm

  • ​Knowledge will also be gained in the psychological, environmental and neurobiological factors as to why people self-harm.

  • Explore the risk factors and warning signs of self-harm and how this could link to suicide.

  • Exploring strategies and safeguarding procedures will also be explored risk assessments and tools as well that can be used with young people.

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