Tackling Rape Culture with Young People Training

Rape culture has been an issue for a long time, from sexist ‘jokes’ seen as banter, lad culture at bars and clubs and victim blaming on a regular basis. Young people are met with messages everyday that contribute and encourage rape culture from to TV shows, music, social media, gender differences at work and within school.


A young persons frame of reference is full of sexualised content in everything from music videos to online porn, gaming platforms to social media, as professionals that support young people, we need to be aware of these and be able to challenge these with young people together..


In this training session we will discuss different examples of rape culture, historically and currently. We will explore some of the theories behind it to consider how it impacts on young people from childhood onwards. From there we will consider the role that practitioners can play in challenging it through their work and support with young people to promote healthy, consensual relationships, gender equality and positive self-image for all.

We also facilitate educational workshops for Young People

Course Objectives

  • What the term ‘rape culture’ means and the historical and current context

  • Examples of systems, cultural and societal norms that define and reinforce gender roles and stereotypes

  • Consider links between early sexualisation and rape culture

  • Discuss the messages young people internalise about sex, relationships, and consent

  • Look at current campaigns to bring about positive change

  • Identify ways we can begin to change rape culture by working in partnership with young people

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