Sexual Harassment Training

There has been a significant concern of the prevalence of sexual violence and sexual harassment among young people, especially within schools but also outside of school and in an online setting. The most worrying concerns are that young people see sexual harassment as normal and feel that they can not tell professionals because they do not see it as important.

Our sexual harassment training will help professionals understand the current context for children and young people in relation to street, online and peer harassment to name a few. Our training courses will also look at the wider picture, allowing delegates to reflect on a young person's frame of reference and influences when it comes to sexual messages and relationships so that we can reinforce that sexual harassment is a serious issue and should be treated as such by everybody.

We also facilitate educational workshops for Young People

Sexual Harassment in Schools

Schools and colleges have a legal responsibility to protect their students from sexual abuse, such as sexual violence and sexual harassment. All staff must stay up to date with the latest safeguarding training to ensure they are compliant with their legal duties. Schools must also implement relevant policies and procedures so that staff can effectively respond to reported incidences whilst complying with statutory guidance.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding how to implement effective preventative strategies to discourage incidents of sexual harassment in your school.

  • Recognising your legal responsibilities to protect children from sexual harassment.

  • Understanding procedures and policies following a report of sexual harassment to empower your staff to support and report

  • Identifying how to create a whole-school safeguarding approach to support students who have experienced or are experiencing sexual harassment.

  • Understanding what the various types of sexual harassment are and how to identify them.

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