Dealing with Disclosures Training

With the increased awareness of sexual violence happening within schools and relationship and sex education tackling sensitive issues, we know that these may bring disclosures children, young people and other adults. 

Dealing with disclosures can be a difficult situation and many may worry about responding in the wrong way. This lack of confidence can also stop the facilitation of discussing sensitive issues as there may be a worry that disclosures may happen as a result of this information being delivered.

This course outlines best practice when managing disclosures; drawing on research and our own experiences working within sexual violence and domestic abuse over the last 15 years. This course will look at the process of managing disclosures including responding, reacting, reporting, recording and referral and also focus on your own emotional wellbeing and the importance of debriefing.

Course Objectives

  • Explore why individuals find it difficult to speak about abuse

  • Hearing a disclosure for the first time

  • Best practice- How to effectively respond to disclosure

  • Understanding the context of the disclosure and what is needed to record and report

  • What do we mean by first disclosure?

  • Signposting & referral

  • Self care after hearing a disclosure

We also facilitate educational workshops for Young People

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