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This PowerPoint sets out a possible approach to understanding what stress is, with a focus on enhancing young people’s self-awareness. It provides information that young people need to understand their triggers and individual symptoms in order to process and manage their stress. To promote a healthy approach to dealing with stress young people benefit from:

  • a strong network of supportive friends and family members
  • learning to take control of how they think about a situation
  • a realistic and optimistic attitude and outlook that accepts challenges as part of life
  • an ability to recognise and deal with emotions using stress management and relaxation strategies


The PowerPoint is editable for schools to add their local support networks and organisations for young people to be aware of. The PowerPoint can be delivered to a whole year assembly but also smaller classrooms and there are 3 extension activities with printable worksheets included within the facilitators guide to develop knowledge and have further discussions around the topic.  

Stress PowerPoint and Facilitators Guide

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