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How What's The Debate? Is Adapting

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I created What's The Debate? because I have been working in the field of domestic abuse and sexual trauma for over 15 years now. Because of this, I truly believe that effective, open and honest Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) can be a vital safeguarding tool in not only educating young people on abuse and exploitation but also preventing them as well.

Our current situation has already shown many safeguarding concerns and worries, domestic abuse incidents are increasing, parents are worried about online safety more than ever and mental health issues are increasing. Because of this and having some previous customers reaching out, I have been making some changes to what I can offer from What's The Debate?

Firstly my resources, I know many schools have moved to online learning and RSE may not be at the forefront of this but I also know many teachers and other professionals are also spending this time planning and prepping for the new school year, as well as looking at resources to support our most vulnerable young people. Because of this, I have been creating PDF versions of my PVC cards, this way the resource packs can still be purchased and customers will be emailed PDF versions of the cards, the 4 Lesson Plans and the Facilitators Guide. This means everything from the topic packs can be viewed for planning and mapping out how they can fit into the school curriculum. I have had many teachers tell me that they use a different card for discussions during each Tutor Time or Circle Time and being able to see all the cards will allow others to plan which cards they could use to fit in for awareness weeks activities as well as being adapted to making RSE a whole school approach. 

This means that orders can be placed for the resource packs and customers will receive everything within PDF form but that I can continue to put deliveries of the PVC Cards on hold while we are on lockdown and let our amazing postal and delivery people focus on more important packages. International Orders can then also still be placed and the PVC Cards will then be dispatched as soon as it possible to do so.

This isn't the only change being made to the resources though, I know there are some professionals that are looking for RSE Resources to use online and because of this, I have been creating PowerPoint Presentations for each topic! These cover an overview of the topic, introducing the facts and provide a great opportunity to raise awareness and start educating on the issues involved and easily shared through online platforms such as Zoom. These can then also be used again back in a classroom environment for assemblies etc when we are able to go back to face-to-face teaching. I have also updated the Facilitator's Guides to show how the current lesson plans and activities can be adapted for online delivery and incorporated into the PowerPoint presentations.

There are currently 29 different topics covering many issues within Relationship, Sex and Health Education and I will also be spending this time creating more topics! All orders from week beginning 27th April 2020 will receive the PDF documents straight away after purchasing and all previous customers will receive an email with links to download the updates if they wish to do so.

Secondly, I have been adapting some of my training so that they can be delivered online. I love facilitating training, I love creating a safe space where the delegates and myself can discuss sensitive issues, learn from each other and interact in a fun and engaging way. I only wanted to facilitate training online if I felt that I could still deliver the same experiences as I do with face-to-face delivery. I have facilitated some free practice sessions with some of my courses via Zoom and the feedback has been great! Because of this, I have currently adapted four of my most popular courses. These are available for organisations who would like their staff to continue with the CPD while in isolation, that have staff that are completing inductions and would like to enhance and develop their skills or for those that have staff that are currently providing amazing front line support and need a flexible approach to training. The courses that have been adapted are;

  • The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People

  • Safeguarding in a Young Person's Digitial World

  • Working with Self-Harm in Children and Young People

  • Self-Esteem, Body Image and Emotional Wellbeing  

If you would like to discuss online training for your organisation or the adaptation of any of my other courses then please do contact me on

Thirdly, I will be creating a fortnightly newsletter. This will be emailed out to all members of the website, so if you would like to receive it please do become a member here. The newsletter will consist of ideas and free resources that can help during this current time, not just related to RSHE! My customers and clients come from a wide range of services covering the police, prison services, youth workers, teachers, advocates, care workers and more all supporting children, young people and adults but they also might be parents as well, having to self-isolate alone, unable to fully carry out their roles, struggling with working from home or worried about their emotional wellbeing. I want this newsletter to be as helpful and as positive as possible for everybody, professionally and personally. Each newsletter will be themed and also have guest posts from other businesses and practitioners sharing their tips and ideas as well. If you would like to feature in the newsletter then please do contact me for me details. 

Lastly, I just want to say that I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible during this current time and a massive thank you for all the Key Workers out there supporting all of us in every way that they can!

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